Specializing in Modern & Classical poetry, creative writing;

Word art supervision, and word art optimization

Poemaster Studio provides the Chinese modern & classical Poems, Couplets, Lyrics, Advertising slogans and Copy for organizations, companies, governmental or non-profit and personal use to celebrate or promote their culture, products, and elegant tastes.

We provide the "word art supervision" "word art optimization" service, which concepts were also invented by Poemaster Studio in Dec. 2009.

We believe, most of the foreign slogans localization in China need to be reproduced in creative and appropriate Chinese. Interpretation is not enough.

For organizations and companies:
* Catalogs of companies, products and activities
* Advertisement slogans and copy
* Annual conferences

For personal use:
* Create elegant Chinese name for foreigners, and
* Insert the name into a tailor-made Chinese classical poem.

* Create customized Chinese traditional poems for the requirement of

A. Birthday
B. Wedding
C. Special events, person and emotional needs to be memorized

The core competitiveness of Poemaster Studio :

★ Chinese classical poems are one of the best ways to effectively interpret your company's culture and vision to Chinese high-level audience, clients and markets.

★ we have a profound understanding of Chinese culture as well as European and American culture.

★ we are talented to create elegant, customer-made Chinese traditional poems for your marketing and promotional requirements, and

★ Chinese classical poems are also the highest level language art, in another words, if we are expert in this field, then we can do better work in Couplets, Lyrics, Advertising slogans and Copy than other people who do not have talent in creation of Chinese traditional poems.


Sample: Advertising slogans for LV、Prada、Zegna、D&G, and Diesel in "Fashion Story" of BAZAAR Men's Style Magazine.


Contact Info: cell phone: 0086-1380I011448;      E-mail: danielyrh@163.com